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Beneath the Surface: Genesis AV’s Innovative Collaboration with LILIN at Jersey War Tunnels


Beneath the Surface: Genesis AV’s Innovative Collaboration with LILIN at Jersey War Tunnels


As a leading provider of cutting-edge audio, visual, and lighting technologies in Jersey, Genesis AV, in partnership with industry leader LILIN UK, is excited to showcase our recent project with a local heritage site, the Jersey War Tunnels.

Genesis AV’s collaboration with the Tunnels extended beyond our role as technology providers, encompassing not only the installation of state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and LILIN surveillance systems but also taking us on a journey beneath the surface of history. Our involvement marked a pivotal step towards preserving and securing this historical gem.

During the German occupation of Jersey in World War II, a sprawling network of tunnels, spanning over 1,000 metres, was excavated deep into the hillside by more than 5,000 forced and enslaved workers. These tunnels, which reached depths of over 50 metres, were designed to endure Allied air raids and bombardments in the event of an invasion.

In 1943, the tunnels were transformed into an emergency hospital, and have now been preserved as a museum, documenting the unique civilian ordeal endured during the occupation of Jersey.

Drawing an annual crowd of over 90,000 visitors, along with a record-breaking attendance this year, Jersey War Tunnels received the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award in both 2021 and 2022.


Genesis AV’s Pivotal Role in Securing Jersey War Tunnels


In early 2020, Genesis AV secured a contract for an intriguing project – the installation of Wi-Fi and surveillance systems within the intricate confines of Jersey War Tunnels. Our collaboration with the esteemed LILIN, a world-renowned pioneer in advanced IP video surveillance, commenced during the lockdown phase. Together, we formulated the initial security specifications and layout, adapting to the unique circumstances. Once restrictions were lifted, our team accessed the site to better understand the tunnel’s layout and environment.  This new perspective enabled us to adjust the specifications to better suit the project’s unique requirements.

Recognising the project’s distinct demands in terms of specification and wiring, our skilled engineers, well-versed in security solutions for tourist sites in Jersey, were entrusted with the responsibility of creating an installation that honoured the Tunnel’s history while seamlessly blending with the exhibits and environment. To accomplish this, we dedicated the necessary time to map out cable routes and conduit paths, guaranteeing the preservation of the site’s historic infrastructure without any disruption.

Over approximately two months, we fully immersed ourselves in the project, building the foundation from the ground up. The majority of this time was dedicated to establishing the infrastructure’s groundwork. As a cohesive team, we take pride in highlighting the seamless installation process of the LILIN equipment. Renowned for its commitment to designing, innovating, and manufacturing an extensive array of networking surveillance solutions, LILIN played a pivotal role in delivering an optimal resolution for our valued client.

“Working with LILIN is always very straightforward, and they always provide effective solutions. Over the course of our long-standing partnership, they’ve developed a great understanding, and their support continues to be nothing short of exceptional.” Genesis Engineer

The Jersey War Tunnels team expressed their excitement about the system, sparking conversations about its potential expansion and the integration of further automation.


Strategic Design for Enhanced Visitor Experience and Safety


Genesis AV took a thoughtful approach in designing the surveillance system for the Jersey War Tunnels, prioritising both visitor experience and safety. Cameras were colour-coded, to blend into the environment, with black cameras in the immersive exhibit’s shadows. This choice led to the selection of LILIN’s Z series cameras, featuring remote lens adjustment for simple installation. Ultimately, the compact and low-maintenance turret cameras were chosen.

The main objective was to safeguard exhibits, artefacts, and visitors, focusing on maintaining safety within the tunnels. Initial camera placements monitored traffic flow, congested areas, and potential hazards. The challenging environment, with often damp walls and uneven floors as the tunnels are up to 50 metres underground, posed risks for unsteady visitors. To address this, Genesis AV installed telephone help points at intervals, while the comprehensive surveillance system ensured site-wide oversight.

To counter the possibility of visitors getting stranded overnight without communication means, Genesis AV established telephone help points and strategically placed cameras. A network of 20 cameras was set up, recorded via 32-channel NVRS, and supported by managed switches for remote upkeep. Monitoring stations were carefully positioned, including the ticket desk, management office, and even remote access for senior management through the LILINHome mobile app. This solution addressed not only the security and surveillance aspects but also the challenges of Wi-Fi in Jersey’s underground tunnels.

Facilitating seamless camera feed distribution, Genesis AV employed LILIN’s Client software across various locations. This user-friendly tool allowed customised views by intuitively dragging and dropping camera feeds, earning praise from Jersey War Tunnels for its ease of use and functionality.

A massive well done to the team for braving the dark tunnels whilst closed during the winter. Take a look behind the scenes to see some of the work carried out by our expert engineers.



Genesis AV: Your Leading Audio Visual Experts in Jersey


At Genesis AV, we proudly offer over 30 years of expertise in sourcing and installing cutting-edge multi-room systems. Our team brings a wealth of technical knowledge to each project, whether you need tailored installations or seamless adaptations to existing technology. We provide thorough advice, design, and management from start to finish. Collaborations with industry leaders like LILIN enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions for a wide range of projects. Whether you’re seeking CCTV installation in Jersey, robust security solutions, or network infrastructure enhancement, Genesis AV can turn your vision into reality through unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication.

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