Lutron platimun dealer 2023

Genesis AV Awarded Lutron Platinum Dealer Status for 5th Year in a Row

Lutron platimun dealer 2023

Genesis AV Awarded Lutron Platinum Dealer Status for 5th Year in a Row


Genesis AV are proud to be one of the top leading independent Lutron retailers in the UK and Jersey, winning the platinum dealer status for five years in a row. Our team are experts in home automation and can help you create the perfect smart home and lighting solution.


Lutron lighting control solutions illuminate your home and business whilst providing you with the flexibility to manage your lighting however you choose. Lutron lighting products are energy-efficient, easy to install, and long lasting. By choosing a platinum Lutron dealer to install your smart home lighting and shading systems, you are guaranteed to get the most value out of your Lutron lighting investment.


So, what makes Genesis AV Jersey unique? At Genesis AV, we provide:


1. Industry Expertise


Here at Genesis AV, we are proud to have 30 years of experience in sourcing and installing the very latest in multi-room systems. Our locally-based team brings a wealth of technical expertise to your project and are able to teach you everything you need to know about smart lighting solutions. From adapting existing technology to creating tailor-made Lutron installations to fit your requirements, we can advise, design and manage your project from start to finish.


2. Complimentary Design Consultations


Lutron lighting and shade solutions work best when they are installed in the right places across your property. Therefore, we offer a complimentary design consultation either onsite or at our showroom where we get to know you and the property. By meeting with you to review your property, our team of experts will be able to determine which Lutron products best suit your space. Following on from your complimentary design consultation, we will create a personalised proposal in line with your vision.


3. Superior Customer Care


Amongst all the technology, we thrive on personal connections. Here at Genesis, our Jersey based team pride themselves on getting to know you and bring a wealth of technical expertise to make your project extraordinary. We take the time to source the right products for you, install them and most importantly, make sure you know how to use them. We even stay on call for any customer service or backup. Wherever you are in your journey, we’re here to help.


4. Extensive Product Inventory


As well as being your local experts, we offer an extensive range of superior smart home and lighting products from some of the world’s most innovative lighting and audiovisual brands. From Lutron to Control4, our range of products can help to enhance and highlight your home or business environment to create the perfect ambience to fit your lifestyle or workplace. We supply top-of-the-line lighting products, including dimmers, LED bulbs, powerful controls, shading and whole lighting control systems.


What is Light Control?


Simply put, light control is the ability to adjust and control the level and quality of lighting in a given space. A lighting control system provides the desired amount of light where and when it’s most needed, making the repeated task of adjusting lights much simpler. For example, one press of a button can turn on 6 separate lights, illuminating an area with the correct level of brightness for the specific situation or task at hand. Setting up a lighting control system in your home allows you to set the perfect scene for your occasion, whether that be watching a movie or reading a book. Being able to control light properly allows you to enhance the experience, whilst helping to save energy.


It’s important to note that it’s possible to set up a home automation system for your entire home and not just a single room. At Genesis AV Jersey, our team of specialists are here to help you create a personalised lighting control system to meet your specific needs.


Why Choose Lutron for Lighting Control?


Lutron Electronics is a world-renowned leader in home lighting control and offers a wide selection of energy saving dimmers and lighting control solutions. The company has created hundreds of lighting control devices and systems that change the way your interiors look and feel, expanding their product offering from 2 products to 15,000 since launching in 1961.


Lutron’s products range from individual dimmers to total light management systems that control entire building complexes. Lutron lighting systems are currently installed in private homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and even in the world’s most prestigious public locations, such as the Statue of Liberty. However, as world-renowned as they are, Lutron’s lighting controls most importantly help to keep people safe and comfortable in their own homes.


Genesis is partnered with Lutron to provide superior home lighting solutions to our customers.



To find out more information on our Lutron lighting products and other smart home solutions, contact us at info@genesis.je, or pop into our showroom and experience the difference.