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Genesis AV: Embracing our Hi-Fi Revival as the Official Jersey Distributor for Rega

Genesis Rega Distributor


With our imminent pushback to Hi-Fi, Genesis AV are delighted to be the official Rega distributor for Jersey, a dedicated British manufacturer of Hi-Fi products. Specialising in turntables and an array of essential components such as amplifiers, phono stages, cartridges, CD players, loudspeakers, and a range of accessories, Rega epitomises precision and innovation in audio craftsmanship. This partnership not only marks a return to our audiophile roots but also enables us to stock a great selection of high-fidelity gems that redefine the art of listening.


Elevating Sound Since 1973 with Timeless British Craftsmanship


Since its founding in 1973, Rega has evolved from a producer of tone-arms and turntables to a prominent player in the complete hi-fi systems arena. Starting with critical success and numerous awards for their tonearms and turntables, Rega’s reputation was built on delivering exceptional sound quality at affordable prices, challenging industry norms. In the 1980s, Rega expanded its offerings to include a comprehensive range of hi-fi components, such as amplifiers, CD players, and loudspeakers, all crafted in their custom-built facility in the South East of England.

Rega’s engineering excellence is at the core of their philosophy, emphasising specialist materials, tolerances, and accuracy. Every product, from amplifiers to vinyl record players, is meticulously designed and hand-assembled by a highly trained team. Being a committed British manufacturer, Rega now boasts a global presence, employing over 140 people and reaching customers in 46 countries. Their unwavering commitment to quality is further demonstrated by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on every single product, ensuring a lifetime of musical enjoyment for enthusiasts worldwide — a rare assurance in today’s market.


Explore Rega’s rich history and iconic turntables in a captivating video tribute below:



The Joyus Return to Vinyl


In an age dominated by digital convenience, a heartening revival of vinyl is underway, reigniting a profound appreciation for the rich, warm tones that analog music delivers. This resurgence, driven by a nostalgia for tangible and authentic sound experiences, seamlessly aligns with the ethos of Genesis AV and our partnership with Rega. As an approved Rega dealer in Jersey, Genesis AV stands at the forefront of this, offering a curated selection of turntables and audio components that embrace the charm of vinyl.

Rega, with its rich history dating back to the 70s, perfectly reflects this vinyl resurgence as a pioneer in crafting critically acclaimed turntables and tonearms. Our partnership actively contributes to the vinyl comeback, helping our customers rediscover the joy of analog music in our digital age.

For those unfamiliar with vinyl, the question might be: why invest £20 on a record when the same album can be streamed for free? The vinyl comeback isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s about appreciating music for its sound quality. Vinyl shifts how we experience music, offering a more deliberate and immersive approach that allows us to pause and enjoy it as an art form.
Explore Rega Turntables and Premium Audio Equipment at Genesis AV Jersey

For vinyl and music enthusiasts, Genesis AV proudly offers an exceptional selection of award-winning Rega turntables and systems known for their outstanding performance. Within our range, you’ll find iconic models like the Rega Planar 3, celebrated for its precision and musicality, and the Rega Planar 6, designed for audiophiles seeking top-notch sound quality.

As an established authority in the realm of home audio in Jersey, Genesis AV takes pride in our dedicated team of experts who possess in-depth knowledge of Rega products. Our team is always ready to provide personalised advice to ensure you get the best performance from your home audio system. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to high-fidelity sound, we’re here to guide you.

Contact us at info@genesis.je for personalised recommendations, or better yet, visit our showroom to experience the difference firsthand.